At Estate Fence and Deck, we specialise in building wooden fences for new subdivisions. The builder does not build the backyard property division fence for various reasons, but we take on the task to give the smoothest experience for our customers. It’s not an easy job to get up to 50 homes to agree to build the fence at once. With our experienced team however, the task is never too big. We handle every size job with care and deliver on time. With our easy pay methods, backyard meet-ups, and door to door service, we get the job done one time and without stress. If you don’t want to wait months before your service is delivered, then you have come to the right place.

Why choose Estate Fence & Deck?

We have

  • 12 years industry experience
  • A dedicated and professional team
  • Thousands of happy customers

The materials we use to build your fence

  • Premium grade pressure treated or cedar
  • Galvanised nails and screws (no rust)
  • Metal post cap on all posts
  • Concrete post base
  • Premium heavy-duty gate latch & hinges

The warranty for your fence

  • Covers every aspect of workmanship
  • 5 years of coverage

Our top three most popular fence designs

Standard Privacy Fence

No-Warp Privacy Fence

Scallop Design Privacy Fence

Our Suppliers

Looking for a Greater Toronto Area fence contractor you can trust?

Estate Fence and Deck is the fence contractor the GTA wants because we specialise in high-quality fences for affordable prices in new subdivisions. All our fences, whether board on board full privacy, semi-privacy or custom design horizontal fences, all are designed and built to the highest standards possible. We work not only in Toronto, but also Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Markham, and all of the surrounding area.

From simple 4X4 post to stronger heavy duty 6X6 posts, as Estate Fence and Deck, we build your wooden fence based on your needs and requirements. As Brampton’s favorite fence contractors, we build our fences to last for years. The posts are set deep beneath in the ground under the frost level with plenty of concrete to provide maximum support.  Whether you debate between our Premium Micro Pro Sienna Pressure Treated wood fence or our Appearance Grade Cedar fence, our team of experienced professionals will help you select the right wood fence to accommodate not only your property but also your budget.

Pressure treated wood fences are the most popular choice throughout Toronto’s and Brampton’s homeowners because not only it is cheaper than cedar and composite, it is also easy to maintain. You can finish it with paint or stain with little difficulty, ensuring your wood fence will provide privacy and value throughout the years to come.

We start each project with the planning, surveying, and design stage, and proceed by acquiring the right permits and construction approvals, then by choosing the right wood and construction materials, and ending with the proper stain or paints if required by the customer to provide the desired look; we can work directly with you or, at your option, with your Landscape Architect. We can integrate a deck or any wooden structure we build with your existing balcony, pool, sunroom, spa, waterfall or anything else in your back or front yard.

If you are interested in building a fence in Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Milton or Anywhere else in the GTA, Contact us today and we can build what you are looking for.

Estate Fence and Deck,

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